Established in 1993 and has become one of the leading chemical distribution companies in Indonesia, Colorindo Chemtra is dedicated to provide high quality products with focus on the needs of the market and anticipating the latest trends in technology; providing technical assistance and services that are regarded as equally important. With over twenty years of experience, we believe we have gained the trust of our customers and principals through

our reliability, competitive price, high quality products and professional services. Colorindo Chemtra prides in its well experienced and trained sales and marketing team that can offer technical assistance and quick delivery from our ready stock in local warehouses to the customers. We continuously embrace and expand the business philosophies so that we are able to meet industry demand; the product knowledge and ultimately, the customer satisfaction. And we realize the importance of having a well-planned program to be implemented to ensure continuous improvement and development of the company to serve our customers better.

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Anshan Hifichem
Arkema Innovative Chemistry
AVL Metal Powders
Belike Chemical
Biogenics Company
Biuged Instruments
Blackburn Chemicals
Bo-Kwang Chemical
Choksi Exports
Concentrated Aloe Corporation
Dayglo Color
Everlight Chemical
Far East Specialty Chemicals
ICL Advanced Additives
Inner Mongolia Super
Jiangsu Shuangle Pigment
Koel Colours
Laviosa Minerals
Lorama Group
Mibelle Group
Micro Powder Inc.
OhSung Chemical
Olvea Vegetable Oils
Omega Plasto Compounds
Organik Kimya
Rika Pearl Pigment
Sterling Colour
Troy Chemical
Zuxing Metallic Pigments

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Mibelle Biochemistry launches MossCellTecâ„¢ No. 1

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Mibelle Biochemistry launches MossCellTec™ No. 1 which is based on an a completely novel anti-aging concept As we grow older, transport processes into and out of the cell nucleus, the cell’s control centre, decrease significantly and important regulation molecules no longer reach the cell’s headquarter quickly enough. As a result, cell metabolism becomes slow and the cell can no longer react quickly enough to changing environmental conditions. Mosses are extremely interesting organisms that are exceptionally resistant. They belong to the oldest land-based organisms and have developed unique strategies against changing environmental conditions. The new MossCellTec™ technology was used to develop the active ingredient MossCellTec™ No. 1, which... Read more

Mibelle Biochemistry Launches Anti-aging Active for Skin Density

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Mibelle Biochemistry launched a 100% natural active to combat hormonally induced skin aging for both men and women: Densorphin (INCI: Maltodextrin (and) Water (aqua) (and) Vitex Agnus-Castus Fruit Extract), which is based on a concentrated extract of monk’s pepper berries. The anti-aging ingredient stimulates the activities of β-endorphin—the body’s own happy molecule—and DHEA, the precursor for female estrogen and male testosterone. This precursor decreases during andropause and menopause, and its levela are directly related to skin condition. In placebo-controlled clinical trials with women and men over 50, a cream with Densorphin improved skin elasticity after 14 days. Meanwhile, analysis of deeper... Read more


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